Diabetic Care. Directly to You.

Diabetic Direct is a suite of solutions that makes the complications of living with Diabetes easier by bringing essentials like life insurance, remote monitoring, Telehealth and prescription medication directly to you!

When you have been diagnosed with Diabetes the sheer number of lifestyle changes you have to consider can be overwhelming.

Enough Medication on Hand

Monitoring Yourself or Loved Ones

Enough Medication on Hand

Diabetic Direct exists to help solve these problems so that you can stay safe in the convenience of your own home.

Hi. I’m Dominique Wilkins.

For years I have lives with type 2 diabetes and I understand not only the frustration of insulin injections and diet restrictions but more importantly what people go through to find life insurance, just to be rejected time and time again. That’s why I helped start Diabetic Direct.

Watch NBA Hall of Famer and Type 2 Diabetic Domonique Wilkins Help Founder Diabetic Direct.

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Diabetic Direct Is a life insurance product made specifically for those living with Diabetes. All you have to do is answer a few medical history questions and we build a policy just for you.

No Medical Exam

Bypass Underwriting

Day 1 Coverage

RX Delivery

Making sure you always have you or your loved ones Diabetic medications when they need them is essential. You never want to be caught having to go to the pharmacy for a refill, especially during an emergency.

Transfer your prescriptions

We delivery to your door


When you are living with Diabetes, there are many things that you have to personally monitor in order to make sure that an emergency doesn’t take place.

SmartCare Direct is an in-home clinic that monitors your vitals that and alerts your doctor of any problems you might be having.


Emergency Response

Chronic Care


Behavioral Health


One of the most important changes you will have to make, living with Diabetes, are your wellness changes.

Meal Plans

Calorie Count

Step Count


Medication Reminders

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